Frequently Asked Questions

How long can Dochis last?

There are no preservatives in our dochis, so try and consume within the day, if you can’t finish, maximum up to next morning.

How should Dochis be kept?

Our dochis are recommended to be kept at room temperature, Do not refrigerate it.

What goes into Dochi?

Our dochis composed of mainly different compositions of flours, without the use of gelatin and glutinous flour.

Can I do bulk/ corporate orders?

Absolutely, we can organize bulk/ corporate orders, please do advise us at least one day in advance so we can prepare it for you.

Is there an option for self collection?

Yes absolutely, self collection is available through online orders.

Are Dochis Halal?

We are halal friendly, we do not use any pork or lard in our products. However, our halal cert is still in the works and will be available soon.

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