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Dochi’s unique combination between people’s all time favorite doughnuts and mochi. Giving it a donut crispness on the outside and mochi chewiness on the inside.

There is no egg, gelatin or glutinous flour within the process of making dochis, making it a healthier choice.

We got inspired by a dessert that we love back in Australia, hence after months of research and development, we managed to tweak our own recipe in order to achieve it.

Dochi itself is a mixture between doughnut and mochi, so it has the crispness of doughnut on the outside and the chewiness of mochi on the inside.

All our dochis are handmade to achieve the chewiness texture.

Dochi Dochi by WTV Food started as a home-based business on July 2021, producing handcrafted mochi doughnuts in Singapore during the pandemic.

Founded by young hoteliers Stephanie and Ivan were inspired to create local desserts to cater to Singaporean's love of QQ texture.

We truly hope you love this lovely creations!

With love,
Steph & Ivan

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